Shape-Shifting Liquid Metal…T-1000?


Nikola Tesla, invented so many complex innovations that we still don’t completely understand all of them today.  Some of his inventions, could not work because the materials used or available to him at that time, were too heavy.  Unfortunately, Nikola Tesla didn’t live in the age of advanced lightweight, self-healing materials, such as the “extremely promising” shape-shifting metal that can be programmed (De La Bastide).

Have you ever seen the antagonistic character, T-1000, from Director, James Cameron’s, action-packed Hollywood film, Terminator 2?  If your answer is, “yes,” this new metal alloy is along the lines of that shape-shifting, indestructible and deadly robot.

According to Professor Sriram Subramanian, head of the INTERACT Lab at the University of Sussex, this liquid metal can be used “for deformable applications; their unique properties include voltage-controlled surface tension, high liquid-state conductivity and liquid-solid phase transition at room temperature” (De La Bastide).  The possibilities for the use of liquid metal, don’t just end there.

The indium and gallium eutectic, which can act as a self-repairing transistor only needs 1 – 10 volts ().  If only Nikola Tesla, were alive today…



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