First Day at the Caltech AMP.

Out of hundreds of applications, only eleven students including myself, were selected to participate in the Base 11 Caltech Aerospace Mentorship Program (AMP).  Monday, was our first intro day and we got to tour Caltech!  Coolest people and institution ever!

Here in the photo is Caltech Grad, Chris Dougherty, giving us a tour of the CAST lab (Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies).  We were given inspiring aerospace presentations by Caltech Graduates: Joel Lawson and Cong Wong.  Cong aptly quoted Theodore Von Karman “Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was” in his presentation.

IMG_6128 2

In the meantime, waiting to hear back from the HeroX American-Made Solar Prize Challenge judges.  It would be nice to have their support so I can get more people to help me with my SPS research and presentation for Caltech AMP.

Sharing some other photos of Caltech Interns and our AMP experience.




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