Shape-Shifting Liquid Metal…T-1000?

Nikola Tesla, invented so many complex innovations that we still don’t completely understand all of them today.  Some of his inventions, could not work because the materials used or available to him at that time, were too heavy.  Unfortunately, Nikola Tesla didn’t live in the age of advanced lightweight, self-healing materials, such as the “extremely promising” […]

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CASSIOPeiA Solar Power Satellite.

CASSIOPeiA is by far my favorite Solar Power Satellite, it is both beautifully designed and highly efficient.  International Electric’s inspiring CASSIOPeiA stands for Constant Aperture, Solid-State, Integrated, Orbital, Phased Array.  Earlier this month, CASSIOPeiA Engineer, Ian Cash, presented his SPS at the 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany and wowed the audience.  The CASSIOPeiA […]

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First Day at the Caltech AMP.

Out of hundreds of applications, only eleven students including myself, were selected to participate in the Base 11 Caltech Aerospace Mentorship Program (AMP).  Monday, was our first intro day and we got to tour Caltech!  Coolest people and institution ever! Here in the photo is Caltech Grad, Chris Dougherty, giving us a tour of the […]

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