SPS Hurricane Destroyer

In the last four years, I have been vigorously posting on social media that it is possible to create an SPS that can reduce the intensity of hurricanes.  With so many victims, devastation and power outages in Florida, Puerto Rico, and more.  These hurricanes possibly could have been avoided AND emergency power could have been delivered with space based solar power.

In 2012, Ryoko Nakamura, from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), won the inaugural International Space Solar Power (SSP) Competition for creating ACTIVE TYPHOON CONTROL SSP.  Ryoko’s SSP aims microwaves directly at typhoons The SSP microwaves weaken the intensity of the storm by raising the temperature of water vapor by 0.1 celsius (32.18‎°F).  See cute video below:

Presently, I am working on designing my own SPS Hurricane Destroyer concept as well as research facilities to develop a prototype.  Hopefully, I will find the team and resources necessary to build one asap and/or before the next hurricane strikes.



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