Elisa Shebaro Solar Power Satellite Pioneer

My name is Elisa Shebaro and I’m an aspiring Solar Power Satellite (SPS) and Solar Fuel Pioneer.  My startup company is PowerSOL or PowerSOLutions.

PowerSOL’s mission is to advance Earth‘s transition to safe, abundant, clean, efficient and sustainable solar energy.  By accomplishing this, PowerSOL will be able to provide energy to a rapidly growing population worldwide as well as jobs, a prosperous economy, all the while, reducing the effects of climate change.

The purpose of this blog is to share my discoveries and formulate a plan to make a positive change in the energy sector.  Two of PowerSOL’s immediate objectives are to help:

  • Eliminate adverse effects of climate change.
  • Provide emergency power in case of another climate disaster.

PowerSOL’s goal is to: create a dynamic SPS team as well as successful SPS company that helps further progress in the energy sector as well as for space exploration.

Actively working on my second Solar Power Satellite Design Concept called “Moon-Z,” dedicated to my father who passed away of rare aggressive cancer this year.  More details to come…



© 2014 Elisa Shebaro and Carl Lierman SPS Moon-sX Concept




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